Why Use Our Full-Service, On-Site Vacation Rental Management Company?

We believe that a valuable property management team begins with a hands-on administration. Kiva Dunes Properties is a full-service Vacation Rental Management Company that will look after everything from bookings to marketing, maintenance, cleaning and on-site response.

Protect Your Investments

As an owner of a vacation rental property, the question of which property management company to hire is probably one of the most important decisions. You’re essentially outsourcing the operations of the vacation rental while protecting your investment. The responsibilities and tasks of owning a short-term rental are many, but hiring an on-site management company like Kiva Dunes Properties can help simplify your day-to-day and includes many benefits.

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What Are The Benefits of Joining our Vacation Rental Program?

Maximum Profitability

The first benefit, maximum profitability using a variable pricing model. The Kiva Dunes Properties team is experienced and familiar with the local market’s peak season, shoulder season, and the natural ups and downs. As an owner, you will be able to maximize the amount you can charge while still ensuring the property is consistently being rented. From group pricing to custom golf packages, Kiva Dunes Properties will tailor rental packages to keep your rental booked.

In-House Marketing

The second benefit, Kiva Dunes Properties will significantly increase the number of people who will see your property online. Using search engine ads (ex: Google Ads), social media platforms, third party booking sites (ex: TripAdvisor), local listings and other outlets, our in-house marketing team will increase your property’s digital presence. In addition to online exposure, Kiva Dunes is consistently generating positive reviews. Approximately 59% of guests read reviews and/or visit the property website before booking their stay. Kiva Dunes will provide services that will help ensure the resort’s average rating remains high. Each property managed by Kiva Dunes includes a custom webpage, professional photos, description and availability calendar.

On-Site Maintenance

The third—and perhaps most obvious— Kiva’s on-site maintenance and housekeeping team. Life happens, and vacation rentals are not immune. If something were to go wrong, such as broken appliances, leaks or anything else, our team is able to act quickly. Rather than being on call, hire Kiva Dunes Properties to be on call for you. Cleanliness and a proper functioning rental property is of the utmost importance, not only for guest arrivals, but maintaining your investment. In the property rental industry, the cost of cleaning is added to each stay, meaning that hiring our in-house service will not necessarily impact your bottom line.

Customer Service

The fourth benefit, better guest relations and customer service. With a full onsite team, you won’t have to constantly check your phone to make sure guests are happy. Kiva Dunes Properties is here to answer questions about the property we know best. Our office is open seven days a week with an after hours answering service. Our 24-hour Security services the condos, homes, pools and golf course. Our team can handle all communications and knows how to deal with complaints timely and effectively.

Member Discounts

Fifth benefit, joining our rental program gives you access to discounts and property perks. For example, vacation renters that book directly with Kiva Dunes Properties receive an automatic membership to Kiva Beach Club. The club is private and remains an exclusive benefit reserved for Kiva Dunes owners and their guests. If you do not join our rental program, there is a membership fee for Kiva Beach Club for vacation renters. Owners receive a discount on golf, and if a vacation renter books with Kiva Dunes Properties, they will also receive discounts on golf.

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Let's Get Started!

Gain peace of mind with Kiva Dunes’ on-site Property Management for your vacation home, no matter where you live or travel! We operate locally, giving you the expertise and the reassurance of on-the-ground service when you need it. The combination of focused marketing, a better guest experience, competitive commission structure, and superior management will help ensure you are maximizing your property’s full rental potential.

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