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Kiva Dunes Vacation Rentals

Whether planning the perfect family vacation, booking a long-overdue romantic beach getaway,
or finally taking that golfing trip with your buddies. Kiva Dunes Resort prides itself in making the
vacation rental experience a breeze! Beyond its charming, coastal atmosphere and world-class
accommodations, Kiva Dunes Resort provides ease-of-access listings, and fully-vetted
postings for all its rental properties.

From our elegant shoreline homes, to the spacious fully-furnished condominiums on the green,
renting at Kiva is as easy as browsing our all-points listings for each property’s details page.

Whether looking to book a sea-side villa that sleeps 20 for a family reunion, or a private 3-room
condo on the 18th hole, each Kiva listing and renter is expertly researched and displayed in order
to make even booking at Kiva feel like a vacation!


Vacation Rental Houses

Located on the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Morgan, just minutes away from Gulf Shores, AL, these luxury beach houses will make it a vacation to remember. Offering dozens of 1-7 room vacation houses and rentals capable of accommodating between 4-30 guests. We have the perfect rental to host family events & larger parties. Please feel free to take an online tour of our homes to find the perfect fit for your Kiva Dunes experience!


Vacation Rental Condos

Both Kiva Lodge & Kiva Village provide perfect vacation options for couples and smaller family beach outings.  Condo rentals at Kiva has the added convenience of easy access to our restaurant, and gym services. Browse our room-by-room listings to find your perfect Kiva match!

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