Improve Your Game With New Golf Technology

Golf Technology to improve your game

Golf isn’t always about the player’s talent or experience or even the course. Sometimes, a round of golf is made better with a little help from golf technology. As shown below, there are a variety of new products on the market that can more than help your golf game and make you feel like a pro.

Pro Apps

A little coaching on the course is sometimes needed, and today there are a variety of golf coaching apps available that can help with everything from lowering your handicap and improving your swing to capturing data throughout the round.

SkyCaddie SkyPro is a free app available on iTunes that helps golfers analyze and improve their golf swing. SkyPro weights less than 30g and is similar in size to a USB stick and attaches to the golf club shaft just below the grip, making it essentially unnoticeable.

GolfLogix has been the top free golf app for the past few years and is a free GPS device that includes distances for more than 30,000 courses, a yardage book and scoring stats and handicap. The app also includes lessons and analysis from pros such as Phil Mickelson and Hank Haney.

Want to compare your swing to golf’s elite? V1 Golf lets you do just that by capturing your swing and then comparing it side-by-side to a number of professional golfers.


Kiva’s pins have prisms to offer the most accurate readings possible, and so the right laser rangefinder can make finding the distance to the hole much easier and quicker. There are a number of new laser rangefinders on the market such as the Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder. The Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder is known for its accuracy, speed, and ease of use—even on cloudy days. Bushnell Pro X& Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder also boasts speed and accuracy up to a half-yard.

Walk Like a Pro

Want to play just like a pro and walk the course but don’t want to carry your clubs? Look no further than the BIG MAX Blade+ push cart. The lightweight push cart is ideal to carry your clubs along the course and, when done, it collapses into a five-inch profile to store easily.

No More Lost Balls

Every golfer can relate to wasting time looking for a lost golf ball. Radar Golf has helped solve that problem with its Radar Golf System. With a microchip inserted inside the golf ball, you can easily and quickly track the ball via a handheld device. Or, if you enjoy a game at dusk or dawn, check out Glow Gear’s glowing golf balls. The chargeable balls can glow up to six hours, making losing golf balls a thing of the past.

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