Getting Kids Into Golf

There are numerous benefits to children playing sports, such as the physical activity, developing social skills, and building self-esteem. With the game of golf, kids gain these advantages and many more—from learning etiquette and how to treat others to developing the drive for continual self-improvement.

So when should parents introduce the game of golf to their child? And what’s needed to help them be successful? Rea Schuessler, PGA with over 30 years of experience teaching the game and lead instructor at the Gulf Shores Golf Academy shares his expert advice on how to help kids learn—and enjoy—the game of golf.

Junior Development Trends by Age
One great aspect of golf is that someone can play it at practically any age. Parents, however, must keep in mind that a child needs to be at an age where they have an interest in learning and practicing, as golf is a motor skill that has to be practiced correctly to expect improvement. Typically, Schuessler notes, kids between the ages of 4 and 8 have a shorter attention span and play time is more about sampling the game and experiencing the fun. Kids ages 9 to 13 can begin to experiment with the game more and possibly begin entry level and intermediate competitive events. Most successful junior golfers that tend to fall into the age range of 14 to 18 have decided that competitive golf is where their interest lay and understand they must really put in a lot of time and effort to achieve their goals.

Equipment is Important
While it may not seem necessary to focus on the kind of equipment to be used when introducing kids to golf, properly fitted clubs is just as important for the beginner as for the most advanced junior golfer, Schuessler says. Kids of any age benefit when using the right kind of equipment sized specifically for their stature. If you choose to rent instead of buy, not all courses offer a good fit for all junior golfers. Here at Kiva Dunes, we offer a variety of options for junior golfers.

Maintain Realistic Expectations
Learning the fundamentals and practicing is important to the game, but so is having fun. And being able to enjoy the sport means kids will want to spend time on the course, both playing and practicing. Schuessler’s philosophy is to let kids improve their game and develop their skills at their own pace, all in a relaxed atmosphere and having plenty of fun along the way. “At the end of the day, it’s all about getting children involved in the game and finding out if golf is a sport they will gravitate towards,” he says. Even if they decide, they do not want to become a competitive junior golfer they have discovered a game they can play for the rest of their lives!

One of the most highly sought-after golf instructors on the Gulf Coast, Rea Schuessler, is an award-winning PGA golf instructor with more than 25 years of experience. His teaching philosophy is to help students improve their game relative to their skill and commitment level, all at their own pace, while ensuring they have plenty of fun along the way. Schuessler’s awards include: recognition by “Golf Digest” as “One of the Best in Alabama”; PGA Gulf Coast Chapter Teacher of the Year; Four-time PGA Dixie Section Player of the Year; and Three-time PGA Dixie Section Senior Player of the Year.

Want a lesson? Want to get your child involved in the game of golf? Rea is available at Kiva Dunes by appointment and can be reached at 251.978.1625 or and check out The GSGA website.


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