Kiva Dunes Golf Course Tips And Instruction From The Starter

Never played Kiva Dunes before? Maybe it’s been a while? It always helps to have a Local who knows the course back to front. That would be our great staff and especially the starters. Here is one of our starters giving some new Kiva Golfers a quick primer and good tips on some things you definitely need to know playing the Kiva Dunes golf course.

Kiva Dunes Starter: The pin position today is one on all the holes. The sprinkler heads and plates that are out in the fairway – those printed measurements all go to the center of the green. Like on this first hole, you’ve got…number one pin position – that’s deep in the green. The green itself is 39 yards deep. So if you had something that says it’s 150, it’s actually about 165 or 70, given the pin location. Three holes, 7, 9, and 18 have a stripped pole out in the middle of the fairway. And those poles don’t have anything to do with yardage. They’re just directional poles. The idea is you hit your tee shots towards those poles.

Player 1: They are blind tee shots.

Kiva Dunes Starter: Well, there are some dog legs. There’s some trouble, that sort of thing. In the upper right hand corner here, this information pertains to the ninth hole. Now number nine is way out in the course. You don’t typically come in between nines on this course, but when you get there, you’ve got one of those striped poles and it looks like it’s way to the left. But again those poles are centered in the fairways that they’re located on. And in playing that hole from the tee…everybody playing the white tees?

Player 2: Yes.

Kiva Dunes Starter: Okay. It’s 220 yards to the water, which you can’t see from the tee box. Ok, then playing the hole and when you cross the bridge, immediately on your right hand side, there are a series of tee boxes. Those are for Number 10. To finish off number nine, you go up to the ninth green. After you’re done, you turn around and come back towards the bridge to get to your next tee box. There’s a turnaround there, and there’s a similar turnaround from 11 green to 12 tee box that often confuse people if they haven’t played here before.


Turnaround at Kiva Dunes course – hole #9 and #10

I tell people if you think you’re on 10 or 12 and you’re playing a hole and you see this building at the end of the hole, you’re on the wrong hole.

Okay, there are NO cart restrictions out on the course, just common sense signs and things like that. No 90 degree rule. The only restriction really is that the par threes are cart path only, and the second half of number nine, we ask to be cart path only as well. There should be cart service out there today, so if you want a beverage, sandwich. They should be able to accommodate you. Here is the number 1 tee box.

Player 3: Got a show today, by the way? {points up to the sky at passing Navy jets}

Kiva Dunes Starter: We do have the Blue Angels. It may slow up play a little bit today, because every time they go by everybody is watching them practice. Finally, I see you’re having one, but the barrel here has apples in it if you want a chilled apple to start your round – help yourself.

Chilled apples at the first hole tee box at Kiva Dunes -

Chilled apples at the first hole tee box at Kiva Dunes –

Course should be in good shape for you. Weather should be great for you. I hope you guys have a good day out. They did tell me that in the restaurant has some specials for golfers, or whoever, today. So, if you’re going in the restaurant…


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Stay here. Live here. Play Here. The Kiva life is the “good life”.

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