Kiva Dunes: Tips For A Good Swing and “The Good Life”

At Kiva Dunes a good golf swings and “the good life” go hand and hand. To truly perfect both, one needs to only follow a few basic fundamentals. Here is some tips, Kiva Dunes style,  to help you make the most out of your time at Alabama’s only true golf and beach resort.

Golf Tip #1 – Develop a proper grip


A good golf swing depends on a the right grip. You could say that “the good life” begins with the proper “grip” or the perspective on how to balance work with play. Our home owners and vacationers understand or soon learn to understand this, it’s why they choose Kiva Dunes when it’s time to relax, unwind, escape or play. Everyone who spends any time at Kiva Dunes is always striving to develop the proper grip on life, the Kiva Life.

Golf Tip #2 – Start with the right address


It’s the foundation of a great golf swing and it’s essential when choosing a beach home and resort vacation. After a day on the course or on the beach, your skin is taut from the sun and you feel years younger. Your senses are heightened: food tastes better, the breeze more soothing and the conversation more stimulating. Kiva Dunes is the right address for a large gathering of family and friends, or a more solitary retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life.

Golf Tip #3 – Tempo – the slower, the smoother, the better


The moment you enter the gates of Kiva Dunes, everything seems to slow down. The elegant landscaping, the aquamarine Gulf waters, the soothing tempo of the waves, the sea breeze and even the call of the shore birds dictate that you take it easy and live in the moment.

Golf Tip #4 – The better your partner, the better you play


Your golf game, like every aspect of life, improves when you play and work with people you enjoy being with and who the skill and character you admire. The rule is embodied in the family vacation – who would you rather play and relax with than your family? Kiva Dunes is the perfect place to start a family vacation tradition. Over the years your family album will swell with photographs of memorable moments. Every minute you spend with your family on the timeless seaside landscape of Kiva Dunes is “quality family time.”

Golf Tip #5 – Find the sweet spot

Whether it’s a view of the Gulf, the pristine dunes, your neighbor’s cottage or the golf course, Kiva Dunes offers you that perfect resort environment to reflect, unwind, play and entertain.

Golf Tip #6 – Practice makes perfect


Actually there is no “perfect” in golf – it’s the pursuit of perfection. There’s no better place to pursue perfection than on GolfWeek’s Best Course in Alabama. Even your time on the driving range and practice green on the  Alabama Gulf Coast turns practice into pure pleasure. Kiva Dunes was made in the mold of many of the great seaside golf course, thoughtfully routed through the natural dune field, indigenous trees and plants to offer a true Old World test of golf.

Golf Tip #7 – Keep your eye on the ball

The Kiva Dune’s vision of Jim “Scrappy” Edgemon and his partner Larry Drummond is being realized with a patient, steadfast commitment to creating one of the finest golfing experiences in the region and a vacation destination with the amenities and the timeless beauty you expect from Alabama’s only beach and golf resort. They have kept their “eye on the ball” to ensure their vision of a world-class golf course and resort will be your dream vacation or new home.

Golf Tip #8 – Stay calm, focused, and don’t get penalized for slow play


Stay here. Live here. Play Here. The Kiva life is the “good life”.

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