5 Steps for Having The Best Vacation Ever


Have you started planning your next Kiva Dunes vacation?  If planning your next getaway has you thinking about how you packed 7 shirts and only 1 pair of shorts last time or how you wish you had more pictures of those “can’t miss moments”. Check out these 5 easy steps to having the best Kiva Dunes vacation ever.

Don’t Sweat the Packing

1. Don’t let the decisions involved in packing tire you out before you’ve even left for your trip. Try using a basic packing list as you prepare for a 3 day weekend getaway, a week in Kiva Dunes paradise or even a month long holiday. Having a list helps ease the worry of forgetting to pack enough or even forgetting some main essentials you can’t live with out.

Unplug While On Vacation

2. Leave a detailed out-of-office message and call it quits. If it’s necessary to check in, designate a specific time each day to do it — and then put away the smart phone.  Without a device to distract you, you’ll have a easier time letting go of your “real life” and tuning in to those can’t-miss-moments like a beautiful sunset or the sound of an ocean breeze.

Schedules Are for the Office Not the Beach

3. Stop making daily plans for a couple of days. Try to fly by the seat of your pants for a day or two. We often over-plan our vacations to the extent that it becomes stressful to stay on track. You might discover new ways to have fun and relax.

Stay Active!

4. A good mix of exercise and relaxation can lead to an overall happier vacation experience. Book a tee time on our award winning golf course, lace up your racquet and play a match on our tennis courts, or go for a moon lit walk on our private and breathtaking beaches.

Make Memories

5. Put those smartphones to good use and take photos of everything, but remember to not get pulled into checking work email. A great way to insure your memories are enjoyed and shared is to upload them to a photo sharing site such as flickr or shutterfly. On the drive home, you can use a site like tinyprint and make a photo-book to relive your favorite memories.

If you are getting away with your special someone, then don’t hesitate to ask a member of our amazing staff to snap a photo for you. We all love selfies, but shoot for at least 3 pictures where you don’t have to hold the camera, and make memories you are proud to frame.

Follow these 5 easy steps and have the best Kiva Dunes vacation ever. We hope to see you soon!

Kiva Dunes.

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