10 Golf Tips for Junior Golfers

Kiva Dunes knows how important your golf game is to you. But also how important it is to share your love of golf with your young ones. Did you know the Gulf Shores Golf Academy offers lessons for juniors to help you teach your child how to love and enjoy golf as much as you might?

A recent article, Our 10 Best Golf Tips For Kids by Alex Myers on GolfDigest.com, points out the ways we can help get our future golfers started. Along with lessons at the GSGA, be sure to take in mind these helpful tips Alex put together when starting out with your junior golfer.

  1. Let them call the shots: Let them learn and have fun.
  2. Maximize practice time: Go to the course in the evenings or when it’s not busy.
  3. Keep it fun: Don’t make it to complicated with instructions and lectures. Be sure to praise them when they do something correct
  4. Make sure they have the right equipment
  5. Communicate on their level: kneel down and show them on their level
  6. Don’t start lessons too soon: Gulf Shores Golf Academy lessons start at age 6.
  7. Let them teach you: Show your kids the great time that can be had, not necessarily how strict you have to be on the rules
  8. Visual is better than verbal: Use the practice green.
  9. Don’t be critical: So they didn’t win the tournament. Be their cheerleader and encourage them for the next one.
  10. Reward them: Kids love winning a competition, so be sure to make it something you can follow through with.

The Gulf Shores Golf Academy is one of the only local golf schools offering golf lessons and learn-to-play golf programs in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area.  Led by Rea Schuessler, students return for golf lessons season after season to refine their playing skills, improve their golf swing and enjoy the variety our three locations have to offer. Rea has been recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as “One of the Best Instructors in Alabama.”  Adult clinics are held at Craft Farms Golf Resort, Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club, and Kiva Dunes.  Junior Clinics are held at Craft Farms and Peninsula.

Contact Rea Schuessler, Lead Instructor for the Gulf Shores Golf Academy by email rea.schuessler@honoursgolf.com or call  251.978.1625.

For more information on lessons at Kiva Dunes, visit the GSGA site here

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