Let’s Keep the Kids Interested in Golf: Rea Schuessler of Gulf Coast Golf Academy

Dear Parents,

Everyone here at Gulf Coast Golf Academy certainly enjoyed having all the juniors out this summer for Junior Camp at Craft Farms and Peninsula. We would like to keep your children interested, having fun and improving their golf game year round! Starting in in the fall, we will have programs available to suit your child’s interest and skill level.

One program is in conjunction with US Kids Golf. This program will be weekly or bi/weekly and will include instruction and checkpoints in 5 core areas of golf. This program has 3 different skill levels and the juniors advance from Level 1 to Level 2 and then on to Level 3. The US Kids program provides the juniors with the incentives to advance to each level and they will earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. The 5 core areas that will be covered include putting, short game (chipping, pitching and sand), full swing, course knowledge (scoring) and etiquette. Requirements to advance to the different levels will require the junior to play 9 holes of golf and shoot a target score. To advance to Level 2 a 9 hole score of 72 or lower is required, to advance to Level 3 a 9 hole score of 63 or lower is required and a 9 hole score of 54 or lower is required to complete Level 3. The golf course that the juniors play to advance will be scaled to fit each skill level. Each level will consist of 6 classes that will last a minimum of 1 and 1/2 hours. If your child advances past Level 3 they will be introduced into a comprehensive training and coaching program to play and compete in local or regional junior events if they so choose!

The program will be divided into two age brackets; 6 – 9 years old and 10 – 15 year olds with the maximum of 6 juniors in each group.

A proposed start date would be Monday, September 16th with the following facility schedule:

Craft Farms –     Monday and Thursday   3:30 pm  – 5:00 pm
Peninsula –         Tuesday and Friday      3:30 pm  – 5:00 pm
Each group will meet once a week.

Fee per level – $199.00

*Our goal is to create a fun and exciting environment for the juniors but more importantly teach them a game that they can play for a lifetime.  We understand that most juniors progress and develop at different levels. We will strive to help each junior develop the skills needed to graduate to the next level, but it will be up to the junior to shoot the required score to advance. The Academy will monitor the progress of each junior and will communicate to the parents how their child is doing and if any specific areas need to be addressed.*

We will also be offering SNAG classes for the little ones ages 4 – 8 that are not ready for real golf yet but want to get started. SNAG stands for Starting New At Golf and is a great way to get your child interested in the sport. Check out their website at www.snaggolf.com, the cost for SNAG camp is $15 per session.  SNAG classes will be scheduled based on participation level.  The classes will be held during the week and in conjunction with the US Kids classes.  If you have questions about the SNAG classes and if it best fits your child, visit the SNAG website or feel free to contact me.

The level of interest has been very strong so please let us know if your child would like to participate.  Space will be limited to keep the student/teacher ratio at 6 to 1.

For any additional information or to register, please contact Rea Schuessler (251) 978-1625, Craft Farms Golf Shop (251) 968-3002 or Peninsula Golf Shop (251) 968-8009. Your child will be considered entered on receipt of payment.

In addition to the above we will also offer private instruction at $75 per hour and $50 per half hour.

Rea Schuessler, PGA
Director of Instruction
Gulf Coast Golf Academy
(251) 978-1625

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