Battle Reenactments: Serious Fun When Visiting Kiva Dunes in Ft. Morgan, Alabama


Battle Reenactments:

Serious fun when visiting Kiva Dunes in Fort Morgan, Alabama

Sure the beaches are beautiful and the golfing couldn’t be any better, but when you think your kids could stand to stray from the saltwater or you could give your “golfer’s elbow” a chance to recover there’s another attraction near Kiva Dunes that can capture your attention: historical Fort Morgan. From its almost 180-year history, Fort Morgan has been a constant source of discovery for historians and families alike.


Fort Morgan has been referred to as, “One of the finest examples of military architecture in the New World.” But, building a fort that has withstood so many years is no easy accomplishment. Fort Morgan was designed by Simon Bernard, who was a confidential secretary to the infamous Napoléon of France before being banished from his homeland and immigrating to the United States. After his design, the fort took on a series of four contractors who either died or became very sick and unable to finish the construction. Eventually, the fort was completed in 1834 through the use of slave labor; and since then has seen over 20 hurricanes and been active in 4 wars on its Gulf Coast location.

Today, Fort Morgan celebrates its rich history with battle reenactments throughout the year. These reenactments are a great way for your kids to actually participate in a little piece of Alabama history. Each reenactment celebrates a different piece of the fort’s past, and every experience is sure to make a lasting impression on visitors of all ages.

This historical hotspot is just by Kiva Dunes, and has plenty to teach all your family members during your vacation. Check out Fort Morgan’s website for more information on the fort itself and to see the reenactment schedule.

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