Kiva Rea’s Golftip #1

The Grip

The average golfer places the handle too far up in the palms which restricts the proper hinging of the wrists and affects grip pressure. Rea Schuessler of Kiva Dunes explains the proper way to hold the golf club. “With the top hand you should see two knuckles and with the bottom hand line up the heel pad of the thumb with the leading edge of the club face. Place the handle in the fingers not up in the palm. If you are holding the club properly you should be able to hinge it up 90 degrees at the wrist joint with both hands.”

Rea is a 4 time Dixie Section Player of the Year and in 2012 has won The Dixie Section Senior Championship, Alabama Open Senior Division and Dixie Section Gulf Coast Chapter Championship. Rea offers lessons to guests daily. To schedule a lesson call the Golf Pro Shop at 251-540-7000.

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